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Gold Hair Games. Would you like to be prettier about your hair? Do you want to learn how to prepare different
hairstyles? Do you want to know how to use a pair of scissors, brush, hair irons, or hair dyes of different colors?
Or do you want to play funny games with hair dressers? Choose a game in the side menu or from the pictures.


Nail design games

Princess Nail Spa

Princess Nail Spa

Nails and dress up games


Start with the manicure the pick a trendy outfit from the gardrobe.

Play Barbie Nail Salon

Nail Salon

Let me to have a look to your hans. Oh yes, theese nails need a deep care.

Cool nail design


Detailed instruction for the coolest manicures.

Exclusive salon


Wow! That's a really cool nail salon. You have never met with these colors.

Cool nail art


Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving Day. I've already chosen my outfit, but a cool nail art would be nice.

Baby Barbie Nails

Baby Barbie

Four type of nail shapes, a lots of colors, morover several type of patterns.

Nail Care game


Professional nail caring, of course after the first step will be the nail polishing.

Princess Nail design


Unique manicure with special colors and patterns.

Secret nail salon


Playful manicure, for those, who wants to do this in a professional way.

Let's make festive manicure

Lets make

Virtual nail care just like in a professional beauty salon to get salon-quality manicure.

Barbie quick nail art


Paint your nails within a minute! It's really quick, isn't it? You can choose from a lot of interesting colors and fun patterns.

Online nail salon


Some schools don't allow girls to wear nail polish. It's quite understandable, since some girls are huge attention seekers.

Nails and spa

Nails and spa

Besides your face your hands also deserve a little care. A guide for hand and nail care.

Top nail fashion


Not that long ago, you could only choose from a few kinds of nail polishes, but now a wide range is at your disposal, including really special polishes.

Bratz Manicure game

Bratz Manicure

A new online manicure game for all the Bratz dolls' fans. Choose a doll, and follow the steps!

Secret Manicure


This manicure salon is different from the others: high-quality services and beautiful colors are waiting for you.

Nail cosmetics - Dora


You can't keep always exploring something forever, says Dora. Let's paint some nails today, that is also interesting.

Nail studio for girls

Nail studio

Traces of the old dye must be taken care of carefully in order for the new dyeing to be nice and perfect.

Cinderella manicured hands


Make Cinderella a youthful and colorful new nail painting. Take advantage of the opportunities give by the wonderful colors.

Nail care and coloring

Nail care

Nail care and professional manicure for girls, starting with a thorough cleaning, up to new beautiful nails.

Party nails


It is really nice manicure, and it can be very easily done. All you need for it is a little imagination. Try and create!

Nail designer - girl game

your nails

In the first round set up your own unique colours and patterns and then you can start polishing your nails.

Nail painting for kids

my hands

Here you are, both my hands! Make some nice manicure for me! Polish my nails, make sure they will be wonderfull!!

Beautiful manicure saloon


A virtual game to create beautiful saloon manicure. There is a huge range of colors you can choose from.

Supermodels nails game


Nail Polish Trends


Before the manicure, we should clean the hands and fingers yery well.

Manicure Tips

Manicure Tips

Nailpolishies and makeups in every color of the rainbow. You must try these.

Wedding nails manicure


We've already choosen the wedding dress, and today I go to the hairdresser to 7 am. Oh, I almost forget the manicure.

Inspired Manicure


My teacher said, in the school just the descreet manicure is allowed.

Nail Makeover


A lady not just take care of here figure and dressing well, but take care of here nails as weel.

Pedicure Game For Girls


Professional foot caring and pedicure service. You will be absolutely satisfied with the final result.

Nail Fashion


Extremly fast manicure, and how bright colors! You must try out this!

Christmas Manicure


Elsa wants a special manicure for the christmas holiday.

Snow White super nail color

Snow White

Snow White's nails hurted a little bit during the lots of housework. Never mind, the manicurist is coming.

Nail designer


How to get beautiful, elegant and stylish nails in 6 steps . Take all steps, and you will get an amazing result.

Back to shool - nail color trend


A virtual manicure and pedicure game for kids: you can choose from diverse colors and patterns.

New color

New color

Before starting to experiment with a new color, as a first step, you have to remove old nail polish from your nails.

Thanksgiving Nail designs


Thanksgiving nail art - what can that be? Well, it is all about unique colors and patterns.

Legs makeover

Forget about your hands for a while, and start taking care of your legs: paint your toenails applying diverse patterns, and look for a stylish nail polish.

Christmas nail care


As a first step of nail care soak your hands in warm water with herbs in it.

Anna Frozen nail polish game

Anna Frozen nail polish

Nail and hand care on a professional level, the result is just stunningly beautiful.

Sofia nail care game

nail care

The ball fell into the bush which scraped and scratched the hand of the princess.

Super nail game


We offer professional services for all ladies who want to become beautiful in an elegant environment in our downtown manicure salon.

Nail Care and painting for girls


Online virtual nail studio. Create tastefully decorated, fashionable nails.

Virtual manicure saloon


This is a very good game with a presentation to help with this online game for girls. It's a virtual manicure saloon where you can try your skills.

Sami's Nail Studio

magical nails

May I have your hands miss, please? Just a couple of minutes and you will have new magical nails.

Online nail decoration game

coloring and nail

Precise coloring and nail care! First of all we need to clean the nails thoroughly. Gently remove the polish, and step by step make a brand new manicure!

Nail design game

Nail design

Incredible and amazing assortment of unique colours and patterns besides the traditional designs. Have fun!


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